Monday, December 03, 2018

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Bridal Dream Hawaii
We're just a text or cell phone call away. Email is fine too. Contact us at Bridal Dream Hawaii to set up your Oahu Beach Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Honeymoon photography. Waiting for your call.
 - Robert Hamilton

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Great Pics

Beautiful Photography
Young and happy honeymoon couple visiting Oahu. So happy with how nicely their photos turned out. So here they are for the world to see, right at Bridal Dream Hawaii Wedding Blog.

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Bear Hug

Happy Man

Big Smile

What is your favorite kind of Bride? I think "fun" is most important. Beauty is nice, but what is beauty without fun?

More lovely photos of Japanese Bride: MIKI

Fun Bride

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


Hawaii Wedding Photos
The Photographer's son wants his Mustang back soon. It's been fun shooting photos with it, but the Dodge Charger looks good in the wedding photos too.

Interesting Shot

Creative Photography
This is an interesting photo, looking at our honeymoon couple through a big "&" shaped wooden photo prop.

Enjoy the music video as we Spread a Little ALOHA!
Photo Props

Good-Looking Groom

Waimanalo Bay
October must be the month for good looking guys (and September too).

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Visit: GROOM

Saturday, October 06, 2018

North Shore Oahu

Waiale'e Beach
Great wedding photos taken by our Photographer Robert Hamilton at Waiale'e Beach on the North Shore, just about one mile from Turtle Bay Resort.

Bridal Dream

Bride's Bouquet

Tender Kiss

Friday, October 05, 2018

Dream Wedding Amenities

Waikiki Transportation
Looking for a great wedding package on Oahu? At Bridal Dream our favorite wedding package is our HAWAIIAN DREAM WEDDING!

Amenities include Bridal flowers, wedding cake, live music, and limousine service to your wedding at Kahala Beach or other nearby favorite wedding location.

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

30th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Congratulations to Kouichi and Teruko for 30 years of marriage! Great idea to celebrate in Honolulu!

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Magic Island

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Old Town Honolulu

Honolulu Old Town
Cruising around Honolulu old town for a honeymoon photo tour with Photographer Robert.
Hawaii Theatre

Old Town

Honeymoon Photos

Cool Car
We got lucky today! They were filming in Downtown Honolulu with some cool classic cars! Just right for some quick pics. I think the car owners enjoy showing them off.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Pretty Bride

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Mizuki is simply stunning! What a beautiful Bride! The soft forest background makes her stand out. And you saw it right here at Bridal Dream Hawaii Wedding Blog.
Wedding Blog

Oahu Brides
Bride's sweet smile and a beautiful turquoise ocean color in East Oahu.

Bride's natural grin brings out the magic in this photo. Happiness is the secret to beauty! (Smooth skin helps too.)
Waimanalo Bay

He's Cute!

Pineapple shades
Good-looking couple at Waimanalo Bay. More photos of this handsome Groom at Oahu Photographer.

Hawaii Photographer

Special Request

Inside Ring
We're happy to take special requests. This couple wanted to be put inside a wedding ring. Not an easy task.


Wedding Photo Ideas
I found out the next day that a cell phone camera lens is much smaller than my NIKON lens, so the couple fits inside the ring better.