Saturday, September 23, 2023


If you are in a rush to obtain your Marriage License on weekends or holidays please make an appointment with a Hawaii Marriage License Agent.


Private Agent (By Appointment Only) Baxton Tokuda-Higashi (808) 341-3832 

Private Agents (By Appointment Only) Kamy Arakawa, Lauren Carson, Sarah Dodson, Rachel Hashimoto, Glory Hashimoto, Theresa Sharman (808) 468-8455 


Private Agent (By Appointment Only) Nicole Tam (808) 674-6397 

Private Agent (By Appointment Only) Kimberly Ross (808) 674-6785 

Private Agents (By Appointment Only) Joseph Kelley & Kristine Palaualelo (808) 468-9996 


Private Agent (By Appointment Only) Melissa Vomvoris (808) 738-7590

Honolulu Weddings

Monday, September 11, 2023




Honolulu Weddings
Let us know if you would like Bridal Dream Hawaii to make you a YouTube Photo Slideshow to show off your wedding or family photos from your Honolulu vacation.

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Saturday, September 02, 2023

Rain to Clear Sky


Rainy Day
One day we were trying to shoot photos in the rain at Ala Moana Beach Park.

I could see about a mile away the sky looked blue in Waikiki. Sure enough, we got nice weather just a couple minutes away at Hilton Lagoon!

Clear Blue Sky