Friday, February 15, 2013

Limousine Service

Ride to First Christian Church in a nice Limousine!

Garden Photos at FCC

First Christian Honolulu
Wedding Photos

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Nice garden for photos at First Christian Church.

Cutting the Cake

First Christian Church
Delicious Haupia Cake, a tasty way to celebrate your Hawaiian wedding.
Coconut Pudding

Japanese Bride

First Christian Church
Bride from Japan, Kayo, poses for some photos at First Christian Church in Honolulu.
Hawaii Wedding

Marriage Certificate Signing

Bride & Groom pose with Rev. Chris (and the Music staff) after signing their souvenir Wedding Certificate.

First Christian Church

Honolulu WeddingsHidekazu & Kayo
Bridal Dream Hawaii Hidekazu & Kayo get married at First Christian Church in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here Comes the Bride

Father escorts the Bride to the waiting Groom.
Nice inside view of First Christian Church.