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Hawaii Marriage Proposal - Making It More Romantic

When couples look for romantic places in the world, you can always be sure that Hawaii will be in their list. And it isn’t just a popular pick as a wedding destination, but also a dream location for popping the question.

Why not? The area is teeming with beautiful sceneries, vibrant culture and thrilling adventures. It doesn’t take much for you to plan an extraordinarily beautiful proposal in Hawaii. You’ll find in its islands countless inspirations so your significant other will surely say ‘yes.’


You can take your pick from either a natural backdrop or an amazing man-made attraction. You can choose from Hawaii’s beaches, waterfalls, national parks and other natural wonders. Or you can scout for a luxury hotel, restaurant or other establishment that offers breathtaking views from waters to craters.

You can take your special someone to a walk on Waikiki Beach just before the sun goes down. As soon as the striking Hawaiian sunset begins, go down on one knee and propose. Another option in Waikiki is to take a sunset cruise.

But if you both love the early morning, it’s the Lanikai Beach that you should go to. Bring with you the most romantic picnic basket – complete with the engagement ring, of course!

Orchids at Halekulani and The Volcano House in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are extraordinary dining venues ideal for extra-special occasions. Orchids serves scrumptious menus together with a spectacular view of Hawaiian waters, while The Volcano House gives you accommodation, food and an excellent view of the Halemaumau Crater. They’re definitely perfect settings for romantic proposals.


Rituals and symbols are never lacking in Hawaiian culture, especially in engagement and marriage. And these make proposals on these islands more exciting, sentimental and distinctive.

You can pre-arrange an appearance of you and your beloved in a luau. Once on stage, you can propose to her right in front of everyone who’s already in a celebratory mood. Just take note that, if you’re planning to go public like this, you have to make sure that you’ve been talking about marriage for quite some time and that you’re sure that you’ll get a positive answer.

You can make your proposal in the Aloha State even more unique by choosing from engagement rings of Hawaiian-inspired designs. Instead of the usual solitaire ring, consider a figural ring of a hibiscus or a ti leaf. You can also opt for a pearl ring, instead of a diamond. Another way to infuse the flavour of the islands in your ring is to have a koa wood inlay on the band, in place of pure metal.


Put in an amount of adventure to the scenic spots in Hawaii and you’ve got a proposal that will really impress your loved one. Take your pick – the sky, the craters or the waters. Just be certain that your partner won’t hate you for whatever activity you’re selecting.

If the waters are what you love about these islands, why not propose to her while you snorkel or scuba dive? If you wish for a more relaxed environment, you can go sailing and pop the question while you’re out into the ocean.

Sky diving and parasailing are two popular extreme activities in Hawaii. Why not literally and figuratively take a big leap in life? Enjoy these thrilling attractions and ask your partner your question after that adrenalin rush.

Hike to one of the islands’ volcano craters. While standing in awe of the view, tell your partner how you think life can be so much more amazing and enjoyable even with all the challenges if you got married.

You can consider one of these ideas or combine two or more to make your marriage proposal a really unforgettable event. It can be the simplest picnic by the beach or a heart-stopping sky dive. But whatever you decide on, be sure that it’s something your partner will enjoy.

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